I decided that a blog may be the way. I started thinking how to best get pics and info about the family out, effectively and accessible to anyone with web access. This may well evolve to have a different name and order of content, the only thing guaranteed to stay the same is the theme. It will forever be about my family. Good, bad, indifferent or whatever. It will expand, it will be curated by us the family and it will most of all Be. I propose that no matter how we venture out into society we without self incrimination (good reasons or bad) we post! 

Let’s create a digital history of our accomplishments and be proud of the name we carry. Yes I am arrogant, but only for the unit in which we shall become. I hope it stands the test of time as an example of something??!!?! 


P. S. Only add to this not delete as to invoke the state of mind at the time. No matter how we evolve it is important to have a true view into the past to see how life was in edited. The About is for thoughts as we are, not as we wish to be seen.